The Art of Unlearning

Episode Notes: Special Guest star Kenyan illustrator & thinker Chief Nyamweya. 

In this episode we head back to school to reflect on the global crumbling education system. Chief Nyamweya shares his own reflections and motivations for his graphic novel Art of Unlearning.

Art of Unlearning is a graphic novel written by Chief Nyamweya to help
people find the creative voice that they thought they’ve lost. Art of Unlearning is an Innovator’s Manual. A guidebook for that rare human being who wishes to go beyond the resistance of their culture, and the limitations of their mind and body, in order to realize their innate potential. Their birthright.

The graphic novel is available for purchase on

Episode Clips

Tian & Friends
Published on Oct 28, 2016
A TV feature story done by Caroline Wambere in Nairobi City.
NARRATION: Caroline Wambere

This episode was produced, created, and edited by Jepchumba.


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