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Members of the iMagineering Lagos collective:

Olamide Udo-Udoma (Co-Creation Hub) > will present the project in Johannesburg for Post African Futures
Olamide Udoma is an urban activist and creative practitioner – researcher, writer, artist and film maker. She has recently contributed to Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa Yearbook (SA), Cities The Magazine (Sweden) and Ventures Africa (Nigeria). Olamide is currently working within the field of tech innovation at Co-Creation Hub, Nigeria’s first open living lab and pre-incubation space, and is an advocate for sustainable transportation and social engagement within street spaces.

Aderinsola Ajao (Goethe-Institut)
Aderinsola Ajao is a writer and editor based in Lagos. Her articles have been published in NEXT, Chimurenga, The Hollywood Reporter, Glänta, The Guardian, ThisDay, TheNEWS, Efrika.TV, and Africiné. She worked briefly with Afrinolly, developers of Africa’s premiere movie-based mobile phone app before joining Goethe-Institut Nigeria, where she is daily involved in organizing arts and culture-based programmes with an interdisciplinary scope.

Ayodele Arigbabu (Dream Arts and Design Agency (DADA))
Ayodele Arigbabu works in Lagos as an architect and writer. Ayo is the director of the Dream Arts & Design Agency, a creative enterprise with interests in publishing, film and digital media (publishers of the LAGOS_2060 anthology).  Ayo is active as a writer and digital artist and is also a Programme / Festival Director with CORA Art & Cultural Foundation, the leading cultural advocacy platform in the country.

Jude Anogwih (VAN Lagos)
Anogwih is a visual artist and curator living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. Recent curatorial projects include Co-Curator of Biennale Jogja XIII, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2015 and Sights and Sounds: Global Film and Video (2013-2016), Jewish Museum, New York. In addition he has organised and curated several local and international projects at CCA, Lagos since 2008. He is a founding member and Co-coordinator Video Art Network Lagos, ( and has taken part in several exhibitions locally and internationally as a practicing artist. His artistic work interrogates the concept of identity, mobility and migration.

Ore Disu (Nsibidi Institute)
Ore Disu is the executive director of Nsibidi Institute, a non-profit independent research organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria. Under the Institute, she works to foster a better understanding of Nigeria – its history, people, knowledge systems and possible futures. As an urban practitioner, she has contributed to the efforts of organisations such as Laterite (UK), Spaces for Change (Nigeria), Institute for Liberty and Democracy (Peru) and Heinrich Böll Foundation (Nigeria & Germany).

Artwork: Lagos_2060

Lagos_2060 is an initiative led by iMagineering Lagos, a collective of creative technologists, writers and cultural producers exploring and re-imagining Lagos 45 years from now. With the current trend of future thinking and growing importance of technology, especially in emerging markets, the collective are ambassadors of scenario planning as a way to encourage radical thinking that involves a wider cross-section of society beyond the formal means of city-making and social commentary. The vision is not to leave the future of cities solely in the hands of policy makers or even creatives but to engage citizens in policy- and change-making discourse in response to the fast-paced dynamics of the cities we live in.

Located somewhere between science fiction and societal debate, the Lagos2060 project is an interactive installation that combines video with performance art, juxtaposing future global aspirations against local realities without shying away from the possible contradictions that may arise. Through such explorations, the collective adopts scenario-planning to contextualise our own ‘futures’ and ‘futurism’. The result is an interactive thought experiment that revolves around prospective socio-cultural technologies borne of but not restricted to the future city of Lagos with the aid of various storytelling tools. In this way, it allows for creative liberties and a retrospective distance for critical engagements with ‘the now’.

Lagos2060 emerged in response to an invitation by NESTA and the British Council UK to contribute to FutureFest 2015, NESTA’s flagship event in London.

The Lagos_2060 Anthology

You can also read the Lagos_2060 anthology, a series of narratives that led to the development of the Lagos_2060 filmic news real.   By buying and reading it you can UnGlue the Lagos_2060 anthology with for more people on the continent to read for free.  Here is an introductory video on the Lagos_2060 anthology.


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