Brooklyn J. Pakathi


►Experimental Film-Maker / Artist



hallu-ci: An Internet Short Film (2014)

iosupdatemylife (digital print series, 2015)

hallu-ci chronicles concisely the story of Frank Nzima Lin; a 20 year old South African youth born of a Zulu father and a Korean mother. We follow his interactions online as the URL visor; through which he discovers, defines, and conceals self – begins to breakdown.
While Frank struggles with an inherited cultural dichotomy; a similar dichotomy extends itself to the majority of youth and addresses a typical experience of contemporary youth culture in the age of the internet. Through its dissemination online; culture, is changing more rapidly than ever and it is a constant flux trying to define self through art, music, fashion, and the internet. The internet is a gateway into a new South African youth where you are the curator of your life; however, we often find that we mask anxiety, depression, and confusion behind a veil of illusion and reimagined personas of self.

iosupdatemylife is a series of prints, an existential conversation with an iOS.


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