Human Interfaces with Lindokhule Nkosi

Lindokuhle Nkosi is like Jazz. And so is this conversation from 2015! It is a special one from the vault. An insightful conversation on human interfaces, social media, writing, ideologies of technologies, futures and more. Lindokuhle Nkosi, a writer from South Africa whose work textual work often merges with installation and performance. She has written for Mahala, Chimurenga, Africa Is A Country, City Press, Elephant Magazine, Red Bulletin, and Timeslive, and she has curated exhibitions and projects at galleries and in the public space.

While floating across different genres – journalistic, reflective, experimental – her work is consistently insightful, rich in textures, and engaged with realities. Lindokuhle’s work as a writer, curator and project organizer is fervent in its radicalism, its honesty and willingness to engage her environment, and communities on the periphery. Beyond her writing, she has also engaged in interventions that explored the realm of performance employing a mixed media of texts, installations and conversations. 

Episode Notes

If the Internet Was a Real Place (circa 2004)

Music Featured on This Episode

A Little Homework on AfroFuturism

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