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Future Archives

New Season of Future Lab Africa. 

The Future Archives is a season of Future Lab Africa that dives into Africa’s unexplored legacy of technology. The season investigates the rapid developments of a sleeping formidable giant coming in the form of an emergent youth population. The series consist of interactive storytelling, interviews and artworks showcasing Africa’s ‘cultures of technology’ that will influence the coming generation of philosophers, artists and scientists.The series is a time capsule (futurist archive) of a period in history that is exceptional in the rapidly changing demographic, internet revolution and the proliferation of globalized new media and its effect of a new form of digital pan-africanism. The series will also explore Africa’s digital legacy.

The podcast series hopes to breed curiosity by inviting the youth to utilizes their imagination and think creatively with reckless abandon. The show is a call to explore African modes of science and technology outside of lab spaces and innovation labs. We seek to find what does technology, science, nature, the environment and the nature of experimentation really mean in the context of African people’s lived realities.